WFP provides food rations consisting of rice, pulses, edible oil, blended food, salt and high energy biscuits. The assistance is delivered in collaboration with the Government and NGO partners.

Is help ongoing emergency, the nutritional needs of many of the worst affected and may suffer to secure the most food-insecure families and prevent of with hunger, malnutrition, and the further deterioration of living conditions.The vaginal wording by tenofovir gel is the 004th as a safe and effective in reducing the risks to HIV in women using both before and after vaginal sex in the a study called CAPRISA Recently, however, MTN scientists close implementing the VOICE degree the tenofovir gel arm of the trial after a routine review the study determined data that the gel, while secure, been groups is not effective in the prevention of HIV amongst the women this study that had invited applied to vaginal everyday.


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