We are pleased toirst Subject in RGN-352 Phase IB Clinical Trial, reduce heart damage in patients after an AMI.

RegeneRx previously completed a study of the Phase Ia, in which was a single dose of RGN-352, escalating over increasing concentrations, to be safe and well tolerated. We are pleased last part of our final part of our Phase I program begin RGN-352 administered over a period of 14 days at escalating dose concentrations We believe that the Phase I study is strong safety and pharmacokinetic data and help us design Phase II studies on evaluate RGN-352 for the treatment of patients after an AMI , as well as for other potential indications, said David Crockford, RegeneRx vice president for clinical and regulatory affairs..

Medical institutions, Co-Sponsors 8th 8th The Northern California Cancer Center , Stanford Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society are co-sponsoring – November Conference To Discuss Life After Cancer Treatment November the second annual Cancer Survivorship Conference ‘Now what the new normal cancer survival after treatment?. ‘The conference aims The conference should cancer survivors and their families support networks support networks and health care professionals help and navigate questions and issues that occur after the end of treatment, a patient ‘s physical and psychosocial needs to advocacy and family concerns.Nidoviruses been released for serious illness to farm animals, but up in 2003 eruption of severe acute respiratory syndrome were thought to only relatively mild human disease, as catching cold. It is uncertain whether CAVV disease caused in humans or animals or be exclusively to gnats.

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Cholera is an severe diarrheal disorder usually induced by strain of the bacterium Vibrio cholerae O1. Vibrio cholerae pandemic O1 strains of causing requiring Two main critical factor for the disease: cholera toxins and toxin coregulated pilus . However, some nonpandemic strains of V. Cholerae not have produce CT and TCP and nevertheless causing diseases.


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