University of Miami, a reduced a reduced viral load Participate Under the level of the selenium daily essential mineral in the blood and can suppress the progression of viral load in patients with HIV infection, according to an article in the 22 January issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA / Archives journals read .

Barry E. Hurwitz, University of Miami, and his colleagues conducted a double – blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of selenium in 262 patients with HIV. Pretreatment assessment included pregnancy screening measure blood tests selenium levels, CD4 cell count , HIV viral load and screening for hepatitis C. The participants were then treatment groups treatment groups, 141 took a capsule. 200 micrograms of high selenium yeast and 121 has a similar capsule with inactive yeast and a filler After nine and 18 months, including physical examinations and measures of the results of the study of HIV viral load and CD4 vwere conducted.

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The Boston Globe on Monday contoured efforts Byllye Avery , founder of the the National Black Women’s Health Project – now known to as the Black Women’s Health imperatives – and the Boston, Mass.-based Avery institutions for Social Change. Black female black women health effects began over 30 years, her career her career, ‘struggling to the people look to on issues through ethnic eye to regard cultural and social factors, as race and class, how determinants in medical ‘ ‘for the Globe. In 1974 , while living Florida upon receiving a MBA from University of Florida in, created Avery the in Gainesville Women’s Health centers and ‘helped pioneer of the use of self-help groups for women, the against poverty, crime social issues in the violence – and social issues in the medical equation of in order to explain and tackle a bad health, which was statistically higher in the black community, ‘the Globe reports. Added that she helped build to an alternative birth house ‘s birthplace. In the year 1983 she founded the National Black Women’s Health Project addressing racial difference to B & the health of women , and organized the first national conference on the subject.

Avery said that black women. are entitled to health care that is readily available, affordable and culturally relevant and added, Y a health care center on each bank and liquor store see into black congregations (Bakersfield, the Boston Globe.


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