To develop the guideline, the authors analyzed all available scientific studies on the subject.The guideline recommends a routine EEG be considered as part of the diagnosis of a person with a first unprovoked seizure. Evidence An EEG showed abnormalities indicating epilepsy in about one out of four patients shows and was predictive of seizure recurrence, said Krumholz, the. Also professor of neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The guideline also recommends CT or MRI scans of the brain be considered regular, as the scans clearly abnormal in one of 10 patients, indicate the cause their coming to power. ‘A CT scan or MRI may lead to diagnosis of disorders such as a brain tumor, stroke, infection, or other structural lesions and help determine a person’s risk for a second seizure,’said Krumholz.Last year, Nathan has been as winner of the Hebrew University in President’s prize for the Outstanding Young Researcher pioneering studies pioneering work for seed dispersal of This May him received the prestigious Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of Humboldt. Endowment given Germany.


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