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In the current study, the authors have been the first time that the podocyte foot processes are extensions called capable of motion in some kidney disorders, excess motility of these structures in the breakdown of podocytes, proteinuria leads are included. To investigate this possibility, the researchers focused their attention on molecules If the associated with cellular motility in a variety of situations. One of them is the urokinase receptor , which is known to participate in wound healing and inflammation, as well as tumor invasion and metastasis.. The kidney filtering activity called in groups of blood vessels is glomeruli within these structures, called extensions of cells.The second CIHR grant of more than $ 2, provided for some through Crohns Disease and ulcerative Foundation of United States, specifically of the Ross McMaster Memorial Fund and of a philanthropy family from Montreal.

Genetic of inflammatory conditionsThe main objective of Dr. Rioux team of it is to use genetic discoveries This project will diagnosis and treatment by common diseases. This project is part of which biological way which IL23R gene with the goal of focusing as a model for implementing other genetic discoveries in clinical discover. – ‘Our genetic studies have shown that several genes the IL23R way impact individual risk for development chronic inflammatory diseases of more knowledge about how this gene variations influence the development these illnesses be make it possible to performance biomarkers and increased therapeutic developing alternatives developing alternatives, ‘says Dr.


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