There was a study of antihistamines in children an inflammation of the nose or allergic rhinitis, or hay fever – and when there is an antihistamine that develop a decreased risk of asthma in this population on the active medication. However, there are a lot of errors in this study. In addition, there are some studies in humans in the same type of situation do – – that is, they have hay fever , or allergic rhinitis , were set on allergy vaccines, and the kids were less likely to develop asthma in the future that. However, this is not an absolute.

Moreover, there are some studies on the hygiene hypothesis, a hypothesis, a hypothesis that we are vaccinated, we ourselves must be removed from farm life, we do not drink milk , perhaps with endotoxins and so polluted. And without these demands we have a higher risk of asthma.Add analysis of more than 15.5 million hospital admissions and 5.5 million outpatient visits per year over 8 years of the trend was particularly strongly between 1998 and 2002.


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