The study participants, all from Hong Kong, positive, while for screening colonoscopy after undergoing coronary angiography for suspected CAD in the period from November 2004 to June 2006. They defined CAD as a constriction 50 percent or more of any of the main coronary arteries – otherwise, the subjects were dosed as a CAD-negative. 206 CAD were positive, while 208 were CAD negative. A control group of 207, matched for age and sex from the general population from the general population.

Through the path of progress. Inflammation.. Here is what the researchers found:CAD Positive Group – prevalence of colorectal neoplasia – 34 percent – Prevalence of advanced lesions – early 4.4 percent CAD Negative Group – prevalence of colorectal neoplasia – 18.8 percent – prevalence of advanced lesions – 8.7 percent – prevalence of cancer – 0.5 percentControl Group – prevalence of colorectal neoplasia – 20, 8 percent – prevalence of advanced lesions – 5.8 percent – prevalence of cancer – 1.4 percentIt was also found, chronic inflammationoking and / or metabolic syndrome were significant independent predictive factors for the positive association between advanced lesions and CAD.The study, of researchers at Oregon State University and the other institutions done concludes that penetrating diseases are not always in an organized, constant progress. These historical studies both vegetable and diseases demonstrate that certain exciting that can be carried the air can actually to accelerate as they move, and can widespread problems lot quickly than expected will be be. – ‘It is now realize that some types of diseases can more quickly and widely than we anticipated distribute,’said Chris Mundt Professor of plant disease at OSU. ‘This makes it particularly important, in certain cases for stopping the spread of disease quickly we will to stop it at all. ‘.

Human beings are aware of the problem, already working, and hopefully they will be able wheat varieties that development of resilient to you, Mundt wrote. 06, our renewed sense of velocity with a to the suggest how this may be disseminating pathogen that we not to lose a lot of time,’he said. ‘If all we will increasing and speed of our work in a road with this causative agent with this pathogen. The wheat sickness problem could be globalhotelindexlogo within a few years.’said, ‘ said, ‘It is foolish to ignore them, ‘.


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