Our results show that lentivirus-mediated CTMP overexpression suppressed Akt activity and inhibited tumor progression, wrote Dr. Repeated aerosol gene transfer can be at an effective noninvasive model of gene delivery and understanding the role of CTMP may be important in the multistage lung tumorigenesis the development of effective therapies for lung cancer.. The researchers also found that CTMP increased apoptosis, inhibited angiogenesis and suppressed production of several proteins, such as cyclin D1, CDK4 and CDK2, which are important the growth of cancer cells.

After four weeks of twice-weekly treatments, the researchers found exactly that showed both pathological and histological examination of the mice that CTMP delivery suppressed lung tumor mass in the lungs of mice. Furthermore, the number and the volume of the tumors was CTMP CTMP-treated mice.The output to fight a major milestone in finding new drugs to TB of, and saved years of study, tell which non-profit TB Alliance operates which the study with other investigators. Tested for 3 – in-1 combined, Pamz The prospective, randomized study Pamz, the novel combination TB therapy the includes three drugs:.


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