The report noted that more than 40 % of children in India, space on the 84 country index, underweight, IANS / Thaindian News reports ‘in Asia and the Pacific, an estimated 642 million people are chronically hungry people in Africa south of the Sahara 265 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 53 million in the Middle East and North Africa 42 million and 15 million in developed countries ‘, an FAO an FAO release .

In related news, a second report, which found that ‘the world has very little progress in reducing hunger since 1990, ‘stressed the situation in 29 countries with ‘alarming malnutrition, ‘reported the Reuters news agency. Countries that are mostly in Africa and South Asia, ‘particularly susceptible to the impact of historically high food and energy prices and economic recession, ‘the news service writes. However, these factors do not have in this year’s global Hunger Index report, which captured data from 2007 and recorded published by the International Food Policy Research Institute and the aid organizations , Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide.ARIES is the first study to lowering of LDL lowering LDL – cholesterol point in this population having rosuvastatin compared with atorvastatin, compared to same doses on every. .. African American Data to African-American patient high in cholesterol.

First large-scale prospective study among African Americans with high cholesterol levels showing rosuvastatin help patient reached cholesterol Destinations – New data presented revealed now for Annual Scientific American Heart Association sessions in that AstraZeneca’s CRESTOR? Rosuvastatin calcium Rosuvastatin calcium) at 10 and 20 mg reduced LDL-C or bad cholesterol around 37 and 46 % , compared with 32 and 39 % of at similar doses of atorvastatin at African-American patients. CRESTOR also brought view more patient in this study, National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III LDL-C objectives as a of atorvastatin at mg – dose equivalents out of 10 and 20 mg.


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