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Tuberculosis researchers and representatives from tuberculosis programs around the world attended the scientific presentation in Paris today and were excited about the possibility of a new approach to prevent tuberculosis in patients with HIV – TB co-infection. Nils Billo, Executive Director of the European Union, commented, ‘ commented, ‘Today, more than 14 million people are living with HIV – TB and a large part that community co-infected will develop active tuberculosis, if there are no effective interventions are HIV associated TB is a potentially fatal disease and ways to. Prevent this very much awaited therefore an announcement of a potential vaccine for TB in HIV-infected individuals is exciting to prevent and promising for HIV-infected patients to the Union in the promotion of lung health to join, please visit our website:..CPSC survey problem drywall is approaching the final stage. American was tasked created a thorough examination all the possible long-term impact on the health of drywall. The researchers wrote in the the recent revision of:.

‘In summary, in the judgments of of the medical authorities evaluated the Falls, has been the exposure to imported plasterboard does not assume to give a crucial factor in these 11 dead bodies. ‘.


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