The Pitt study solely on the United States, the final decision on the composition flu vaccine soon after recommendations the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. The current influenza vaccine contains inactivated strains of two influenza A subtypes and one influenza B line. The flu vaccine production is also limited by the scarcest strain because the three tribes combined together to compose the image.

Is decided, the exact composition of the flu vaccine each year by the Food and Drug Administration , and the decision is complicated. – The high rate of influenza transmission requires frequent changes to the shot, said Prokopyev. Different strains also in a season what cocirculate us. Another challenge to figure out the composition .More than 6.000omen. – Targets Breast Cancer Patients, Pregnant For suspensions.

Human Services called for well point ‘stopped immediately that these practices and exit[ their] effort to health by patients who are most in need to resign. ‘that breast that breast cancer ‘is the second leading common cancer in women ‘and ‘millions of families touches ‘.

Federal detectives told the news agency Reuters, story that specifically women diagnosed with breast. According to WellPoint starts of fraud investigations against the women, it ‘looking any pretext their policies in whose policies,’says Reuters. Their insurance was canceled say the company be used small error into their medical file or insurance companies papers as an excuse to terminate its policies and deny them cover of potentially life-saving practices and processes in..


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