The new medicines would be the first major change in decades, medications used to treat psychiatric disorders, says neuroscientist and team leader Yu Tian Wang, UBC professor of Medicine and BRC member. We are designing a new generation of drugs that will work only on brain cells in areas that need to be repaired, says Wang. This new type of drug will correct abnormal brain functions, specifically, so that patients do not experience the side effects to existing drugs found the entire brain concern. .

Is seen with sophisticated equipment to study and manipulate brain messaging on a cellular level, the team test their design a kind of drug that can fine-tune communication between brain cells and bring excitatory and inhibitory activity in a healthy balance.Study healthcare take care not be fair respond in the a bioterrorist event.

The multivariate study, which determined by a random – digits, population-based telephone survey of Los Angeles County residents, 72 % in total in total, invention to that public health would responding pretty into a bioterrorist Banquet. U.S. Postal Service the results of by ethnicity, however, revealed that only 63 % of African American and 68 % of the Asiatic / Pacific Islanders – groups against the system of against the system – to believe that the public healthcare system would responding rather. By contrast, thinking 73 % of of Latinos and 77 per cent of of white which the system reacts would be fair.


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