The investigation was on the pancreatic cells were collected from patients after surgery.Calcyclin was found in larger quantities and more frequently in pancreatic cancer cells compared to normal cells of the pancreas Levitra-med-dapoxetin.html .In addition, it was found that the protein was often in the very early stages of cancer development and before the cancer had aggressively himself. Pancreatic cancer says: ‘We do not know if Calcyclin is a marker for pancreatic cancer growth, or whether it is an actual cause of promoting the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer, particularly difficult to treat and identification of the protein for. Is an important step is an important step in the understanding of pancreatic cancer, now we is is the role of this protein in pancreatic cancer, and determine what may be contributing to the rapid progression of this disease ‘.

The study showed that patients with pancreatic cancer have a better chance if levels of a specific protein are low or not detectable in the nucleus.

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