Than 200ibutes to poor oral healthPoor oral health has joined the list of consequences of obesity, a new study has found.The study revealed the deeper periodontal pockets, the higher the proportion of patients with a body mass index of 30 or more, a figure according to the World Health Organization is generally considered obese.

Notes:.1 Yl STALO, Suominen – Taipale, M nnist and Knuuttila, association between periodontal infection and obesity: results of the Health 2000 Survey Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 38:. 236 – 242.1600 – 051X Duffey KJ, Popkin BM, 2011 Energy density, portion size and eating Occasions.:. Contributions to the increase in energy intake in the United States, 1977-2006 PLoS Med 8 😕 E1001050 doi: 10.1371 / journal.By the by the and and of the Excellence for Education Founda.

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Others UT Southwestern research were involved at the study, main author Dr. Wei tan, a postdoc development biology;. Doctoral Daniel Zeve; Jaemyoung Dr. Suh, postdoctoral fellow in development biology, Bob Hammerfest, professor of biochemistry, Michelle Tallquist, Alerts molecular biology professor, Dr. Darko Bosnakovski, a former postdoc developmental biology;. Michaelscholl Kyba, former assistant of Professor for development biology.


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