which, in other areas such as cardiovascular disease and cancer,. Treatment now to the individual absolute risk of a disease based in osteoporosis, we are gradually in this direction. .. However, over 50 percent of women and 70 percent of men who do not have osteoporosis fracture and no prior history of fracture. So many people at high risk for fracture are not aware of the risk, and still have their doctors. If they were aware of this risk, they can decide to lifestyle changes, or to pay for the treatment himself. Sunita Sandhu, Professor Tuan Nguyen, Professor John Eisman and Dr Nguyen Nguyen from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have launched the performance of Garvan fracture risk calculator The results are in Osteoporosis International, now published online.

– Build four separate ambulatory payment classifications type for partial hospitalization programs , two for community mental health centers PHPs and two for hospital-based PHPs, while they continue to pay different daily rates in each Provider depending on the number of the PHP services every day, that is, The final rule for three services and a separate for four or more services.Recalled for the research, Stearns and colleagues records in the 60-year Framingham Heart Study in the year 1948 in 1948, They looked at each data on more. Than 2,000 North American women had reached the menopause and analyzed a half dozen or so human health to human health with respect to and number of children that they did. during their life.

‘For entrance to the AIM Screen Dec. 2007 to the preparations for Phase I / II clinical studies to our EPODURE biopump technologies for treatment of Anaemia went well , the successfully results we can hope and believe. That we is to obtain these studies an event that is to Medgenics be, and we feel confident, subject to timely approved by the of Israel Ministry of Health, they will begin as scheduled in the middle of the year..


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