Dental neglect may be indicative of a wider welfare picture child neglect and abuse and the policy states that dentists should refer cases to child protection services if they have any concerns.

The document, thought the first one of its kind in Europe, is the result of a collaboration between the University of Warwick, doniversity of Sheffield and Leeds Dental Institute. Dr Sidebotham said: There is evidence that abused children showing higher untreated dental disease than their non – abused peers Many dentists have been trained in the protection of children, but still find it difficult to put into practice, they learned have when they suspect abuse. .Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder created human to falling to sleep uncontrolled manner later in the day The also provides functionality for dreaming that arise while awake. SLEEP symptoms include sleep paralysis, hallucinations of and cataplexy. About one in 2,000 people is known to have narcolepsy. It is very rarely a genetic link. It is very rare for more than two people to the same family who who this sleep disorder. Does it affect have the same number between women and men.

The study, Submitted by Rolf Fronczek, of the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience in Amsterdam and Leiden University Medical Center in Holland , focused on of eight patients have been diagnosed narcolepsy with cataplexy and suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness. The subjects alertness been is using psychomotor performance Vigilance Task , and her sleepiness assessed having of the service of Wakefulness assay.


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