Sigma-Aldrich, the sole source of commercial zinc finger nucleases for research, markets Sangamo the ZFN technology by their CompoZrTM line of products and servicesdoctors and their patients support comparative effectiveness provisions in proposed legislationhave to have the American College of Physicians with two other physician groups stepped a strong support for comparative effectiveness research provisions in the Tri – Committee health care reform bill over the the be considered. The Tri – Committee, the proposed scheme on the 19 June is presented, taken from the House Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Education and Labor Committee médicament .

In the first commercial application of this technique, a private biotechnology company developing a new rat-based human antibody platform, using Sangamo the ZFNs to knock out the rat rat immunoglobulin M , important gene for rat antibody production. Inactivation of rat IgM expression is the first step in generating rat encoding exclusively express human antibodies by transgenic human immunoglobulin genes. Creating a knockout rat was the biggest challenge OMT faced, said Dr. Roland Buelow, Managing Director of OMT and a senior author of the paper. Inactivation of endogenous rat antibody expression is expression expression of human antibodies in genetically animals. ZFN problem, we ZFN technology used in an application, the potential animal animal genetic engineering. We have invested our time and resources the the CompoZr platform because we have a tremendous potential in a precisely precisely manipulate the genome of living organisms to see, said Dr. David Smoller, President of Sigma-Aldrich Research Biotech business unit. We are proud to be part of of public-private collaboration, the development of the proof – of-concept for this technique, which we believe standard for the creation standard for the creation of genetically modified animals. .

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