Giulio Pasinetti, Ph.D., at Mount Sinai College of Medicine in New York City, for a Phase 1b scientific trial to examine the protection and tolerability of a combination treatment using three grape-derived compounds in individuals with slight to moderate Alzheimer's disease. Russell Swerdlow, M.D., at the University of Kansas Clinical Research Middle in Fairway, to carry out a Phase 1b scientific trial to explore the protection and efficacy of the chemical compound oxaloacetate alternatively energy source for the brain in individuals with Alzheimer's disease.Regrettably, many homes have been constructed with vermiculite insulation including hazardous asbestos fibers. HOW DO YOU Know easily Have Vermiculite Insulation? Fortunately, vermiculite insulation is frequently easy to recognize because its appearance resembles little pebbles that are grey, brown, silver or gold. It was a very popular form of insulation used in homes and buildings during the period of many years. In the event that you look at your insulation and it seems to look like small pebbles, it might be contaminated with asbestos.


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