Antibody targets nanotubes to tumors Researchers in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have got created biocompatible single-walled carbon nanotubes that can target lymphomas and deliver both imaging and therapeutic molecules to these tumors. Reporting its work in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, the extensive research team describes the methods it utilized to create these targeted, multifunctional nanotubes and its initial in vitro and in vivo test outcomes. David Scheinberg, M for a long time .D., Ph.D., led the team of investigators.

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Conventional meat from animals raised in confined feedlots can be often loaded with antibiotics, chemicals and other toxins that can exacerbate the superbug problems. By eating only grass-fed, organic meats, you and your family will avoid repeated exposure to meat-based antibiotics and any superbugs that could be living in it. *Avoid acquiring antibiotic drugs, and try colloidal silver instead, garlic, coconut oil and other natural antibiotics. Rather than taking prescribed antibiotics for each and every minor ailment, which is contributing greatly to the pass on of superbugs in society today, try boosting you and your family’s immune systems with bacteria-resistant superfoods. You may also promote healthful bacterial growth that naturally fights off the deadly kind by drinking kombucha tea and consuming kefir, yogurt, and additional probiotic foods.


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