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The receptor in question is found primarily on neurons that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. Two of the keys, fit its biochemical lock – the receptor prompts the neurons on which he sits to begin pumping out dopamine, if the receptor action in the presence of either nicotine or acetylcholine thrown.A person can be either alternate strong irritable and euphoria of, and often a combination of both of cycles of extreme depression, and times may suicidal. At times, people can have both symptoms of the irritability and depression during the same time. There is a very common disease. Up to four %age of the American people of this disease. The good news of, that it is treatable, the treatment drugs act and people with bipolar illness can productive lives like everybody else. As soon as you.

Temporary Bipolar Disorder?Answer: Bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain, it is a chronic disease like diabetes or lupus , or cardiovascular disease. It may to start anytime to the life of someone and is is a lifelong condition. Is not curable but it is treatable with medicines and psychotherapy.


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