We believe our expense in the closed vial technology will take us to another level of quality and safety, one that can be unsurpassed in the sterile compounding industry. About Cantrell Drug Organization Founded in 1952, Cantrell Drug Organization is a respected FDA-registered supplier of outsourced pharmacy preparations, specializing in providing custom made IV admixtures, epidural preparations, PCA syringes, OR syringes, and drug shortage formulations with the best quality standards. Cantrell Medication Company provides sterile and non-sterile compounded preparations that meet the needs of patients, physicians, health insurance and clinics care institutions.Such chromosomal abnormalities inactivate tumor-suppressor genes that are critical for controlling cell growth. DNA content abnormalities – the accumulation of cells with grossly irregular amounts of DNA, which shows substantial genetic harm and heralds advanced progression toward cancer. Ultimately, the researchers hope, these biomarkers one day could be used in a clinical setting to identify which Barrett’s individuals are most likely to build up esophageal cancer and for that reason benefit from aggressive malignancy surveillance via endoscopy and chemoprevention with aspirin and various other NSAIDs.


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