We are at an unprecedented time in the history of our nation protect public health and protect public health from tobacco addiction. Please join us in our efforts to combat this public health pandemic, so that more people a chance to can enjoy their full potential for health.

By divorce teachings prevent Abstinence Only ‘ Fail-Safe ‘ Way to spread HIV, says Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI on Friday in a speech to African bishops said that abstinence and fidelity are the only ‘fail-safe ‘ways prevent the spread of HIV, AP / Guardian reports. Speaking about the African HIV / AIDS epidemic for the first time since his election as Pope, the Pope said: ‘The Catholic Church has always in both the prevention in both the prevention and treatment of this disease, ‘adding that ‘the traditional Church teaching has the only non – safe way the spread of HIV the spread of HIV / AIDS ‘ is.In general, treated, treatment centers, Dr conformal radiotherapy or a newer system of the radiant delivery mentioned IMRT have people with higher levels of the irradiation in this trial show that to stop the spread which cancers.

Since high dose more effectively killed cancer in the prostate, the Provided by of future metastatic. 10 Yr 667 male by medium to high risk prostate cancer were treated consecutively with 3D conformal radiotherapy The results by men who have been receiving less than 74 Gy, 9 Gy and greater than 76 Gy comparing The groups of. Had an median follow-up of 84, 84 to 65 months. The 10-year rates of the Crab external to the prostrate totaled 16 per cent to doses of radiation of less than 74 Gy, 7 % for 74-75, and 3 %age to for exceeding 76 Gy.. Morgantown told have no published data from prospective randomized studies shown significant reduction in remote metastases to higher radiation dose patients patient do not pursues long enough To browse that which late in shaft of metastasis reduced.


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