They found that wheezing was not with with either another dog or cat ownership or high indoor endotoxin, however, led high endotoxin exposures in homes that also had multiple dogs in less wheezing. Puts our research evidence that pet ownership offers a protective effect against the development of diseases of the lower respiratory tract in young children, adds Bernstein.

Endotoxins are natural compounds of pathogens , such as bacteria that are commonly found in the intestines and feces excreted. Scientists believe that endotoxins can stimulate our immune system in many ways. Researchers collected dust samples from the infants houses to measure endotoxin also determines the number of siblings and gathered information on the house, including the presence of mold and second-hand smoke environmental and food allergy development was by annual skin prick tests to monitor.There should also be longer local doctors involved in public the hospital his plan and allocation of resources. .

public hospitals generally left to public support, cultivation for chronically sick and offering medical care for anyone who they need, we compare the two isn schemes. ‘ t necessarily have to useful, but the fixing, where relevant, is imperative.


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