How often are psychosomatic symptoms in the general populationA group of German researchers has a new epidemiological study with physical symptoms mental problems due to mental problems reported. Although it is well established that chronic somatic diseases were significantly associated with a wide range of psychopathology, it patients patients with chronic somatic diseases with an increased risk for mental disorders. This epidemiological study investigated age and sex 12 months prevalence of mental disorders in patients with cancer, and musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, based on comprehensive medical diagnoses and physically healthy volunteers levitra 5 mg read more . Prevalence rates were large epidemiological studies large epidemiological studies.

###This study is published in Vol. 17 Issue 4 of International journal of gynecological cancers.Bram H. ,, Senior Clinical Fellow at the Gynecological Oncology Associates – Newport Beach, CAInternational Journal of Cancer Gynaecological presents works from the global community of researchers, many topics, including basic research, epidemiology, diagnostic techniques, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Pathology and experimental studies. The journal you can call on a list of international experts for the latest research, advice and expertise to. The best treatment for your patients For more information.

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‘. Sexual activity and prostate cancer risk in males diagnosed at younger ages. ‘Dimitropoulou et al BJU International 103, pp. 178-185 .


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