The richly illustrated publication entitled Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of bird flu in small poultry farming in Latin America and the Caribbean emphasized the necessary measures to to ensure on-farm biosecurity and prevent contact between domestic poultry and potentially infected wild birds. Is is designed to meet the needs of small and poultry production units, the manual emphasizes simple and inexpensive methods to prevent and control the disease, said Joseph Domenech, FAO Director of Veterinary Services wiki . 70 percent It is very important for poultry breeders of this disease of this disease are familiar with, so that they recognize in the event of an outbreak and immediately to the authorities prevention is the most effective weapon more more serious damage and keep Latin America free from. This deadly disease, he added.

Crucial difference Health Coverage requires no single-payer system, Op-Ed States’A lot of proponents and opponents of the health reform equate universal coverage with a Canadian-style, government-run, single-payer system, ‘but ‘a survey of successful shows health systems around the world, this is an incorrect assumption, ‘Steven Hill, director of the New America Foundation, a San Jose Mercury News writes opinion pieces. Hill Hill, a number of nations without a single-payer health care system – offer universal health insurance and quality health care ‘for a fraction of what we pay – such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands ‘in the U.S. Hill writes that share the health systems in these countries ‘adopted many similarities with the recent bipartisan health care legislation in Massachusetts that mandates a’common responsibility ‘between workers, employers and the government,’adding ‘ ‘crucial difference Jhat the Massachusetts plan does not include cost control, which understandably adopt enact at the state level. ‘Hill writes,’The evidence is clear that cost control is very important to the success of any health care system ‘and ‘the experience of public-private hybrid systems in France, Germany, Belgium, Japan and elsewhere show that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. ‘The ‘ take-home lesson for healthcare reformers is that it is important to broaden the debate and recognize that universal health insurance does not mean that single-payer, ‘added Hill (Hill, San Jose Mercury News,. ‘courtesy of you, the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy view Report, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery at Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report strongly supported kaiser network a free service of the Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

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Dual naturally in naturally in the the brain the brain of the brain in stroke. That is the conclusion a doctoral thesis at the Sahlgrenska Academy released, and that discovery may lead to new treatments for stroke patients.


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