In this paper, the researchers looked at how begins the association between the cellulose synthase complexes and microtubules. Scientists individual cellulose individual cellulose synthase complexes supplied to delivered to the plasma membrane – the permeable film which surrounds the cell, but in the interior of the cell wall – and found to lead to the microtubules not only where the complexes go as they build the cell wall, but microtubules also organize the trafficking and delivery of the cellulose synthase complexes to their place of action. side effects

Cell-wallin understanding cellulose synthesisCellulose is a fibrous molecule makes plant cell walls, gives plants shape and form and is a target of renewable plant biofuel research. But as it is, and thus how it can be modified energy energy – rich crops, is not well understood. Now a study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Plant Biology led discovered that the underlying protein network that the scaffolding for cell-wall structure also offers the traffic cops for providing the critical growth-promoting molecules where needed. The research, carried out in collaboration with colleagues at the University Wageningen in the Netherlands and published in the advance online publication of Nature Cell Biology on 14 is an important step in understanding how the enzymes cellulose make cellulose and determine plant cell shape arrive at the appropriate place in the cell – do their job.

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