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The Reax HAI bead product range is currently not regulated, but the assays and manufacturing capabilities available license.The Reax format offers the first real alternative to lyophilisation as a stability factor technology for molecular applications. The Reax beads are produced from hydrogel polymers in Q Chip ‘s proprietary Micro Plant of the microfluidic device. The unique micro – chemical properties of the MicroPlant – uniformity, flexibility, compatibility with sensitive biologics – making it an ideal system for the stabilization and packaging of biological materials.In this study, the Carlos carry A. A visit to scientific assistant in the Division of Intensive Care the University of hotels in Pittsburgh School of Medicine five of 10 rats with with a small amount of saline solution to survive four hours by haemorrhagic shock.

Addition doc Kameneva and Macias, have authors of the study Mr Jyrki J. Tenhunen visits visit in the Department for Critical Care Medicine from the University of hotels in Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and Juan-Carlos Puyana, Associate Professor intensive care and surgery Pittsburg director of trauma and intensive care / surgery intensive care ward at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. By the Defense Advanced by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


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