In addition, in light of the average American in the 11 – gallons per year consumption of juice, we slurp down nearly five times as much soda.’The bit we often overlooked when questions about what people eat is: for what? says Dr. David Katz, co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center. ‘If you drink juice instead of soda, you act and it ‘s a good thing. But if you drink juice instead of water, it is likely to contribute to the common everyday excess sugar and calories and could be improved. ‘ According to Dr. Francine Kaufman, an authority on diabetes and obesity , and past president of the American Diabetes Association, ‘Fruit consumption often pursued with a high quality diet.

Was a minimal decrease in bladder cancer mortality in African – American and Caucasian but not Hispanic individuals. The authors conclude that there despite knowing the risk factors for bladder cancer formation are minimal reduction in the incidence of the disease -. Even more troubling is that the incidence of advanced disease remains unchanged despite better radiologic equipment and intravesical therapy. Active programs for detection and treatment of non – invasive bladder cancer improve recommended. Low AM, Mackinnon JA, Huang Y, Fleming LE, Koniaris LG, Lee DJ.Customer service representatives in a call center by the underwriters sponsorship Medicare Prescription Drug schedules powered provide calls a full and complete information about the drug plans ‘ items and of Medicare benefits prescription medication only one third of the time, according to a report on Monday by Government Accountability Office, the New York Times reports releases. Biggest drug Schedules sponsors calling callers reach customer service representatives in 864 of the 900 calls, says the report According to report ..

Could result to poor performance of of the call center drug plan of beneficiaries relate to plans that provide a greater or lesser benefit than it costs expected to choose according to a report. Any questions questions on beneficiaries to take the multiple of prescriptions, customer service representatives often erroneously the annual cost valued to care by thousands of dollars, the report says (New York Times, The report shall come to the conclusion that the beneficiaries receive facial challenges facing in obtaining the information required toll free at the prescription drug plan that best fits your needs make (Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle..


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