Greater than 99.9 %ts Chlorhexidine Hand Sanitizer On Bird Flu Summit in Geneva, Switzerland PresentSkinvisible Pharmaceuticals announced today that on ‘How effective hand sanitizers are in the spread of presents Bird Flu? ‘at the 3rd Annual Bird Flu Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, November. Skinvisible has conducted clinical trials, which confirms that the new Chlorhexidine Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer patented patented system Invisicare is a more than 99.9 % inactivation / kill on the ‘Bird Flu Virus ‘ for up to 10 minutes and kill more than 98 % inactivation / for up to four hours on the skin.

The Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute spearheaded the initiative and the new strategic direction the new strategic direction and development of the Precinct. Other stakeholders include the University of New South Wales , Prince of Wales Hospital and the Black Dog Institute. POWMRI Executive Director, Professor Peter Schofield said, ask neurological and psychiatric disorders of the brain and nervous system the major health, economic and social burden to Australia. Our plans for the future require significant new investment in a purpose-built, world-class research facility.Like flu vaccines, is Dolivaxil Flu Season Defence redrafted every year help defending against to flu strains such problematic out of the World Health Organization projected. These stems then diluted homeopathic layers slowly around the slowly over the course of several weeks , and safe quicken the body defense system of against the symptoms of flu like fever, chills, body aches and pain.


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