‘Give Recent national health statistics,. – age, % of the U.S. Population has CKD, while awareness of kidney disease in the general population is still very low, ‘says Dr. Heejung Bang, assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in the Department of Public Health at Weill Cornell Medical College. And lead author of the study, ‘This information underscores the need to be in the detection of those at risk of CKD in the general population vigilant,’she says..

Understandable, because in the early stages of CKD is often asymptomatic, so that people with the disease and their healthcare providers to none of its ‘silent ‘yet threatening presence. However, if CKD is detected and treated early, its far-reaching consequences – kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and even lead to death – may be prevented or delayed.. In the early stagesg test accurately and efficiently identifies people with Chronic Kidney Disease SilentThe general public is not sufficiently aware that chronic kidney disease is a serious and progressive disease. It is rarely diagnosed and treated.Aspen both medications in the global access Gilead Programme will sell Value out of about 80 cents per patient per day, according Stavros Nicolau, limited resources available head strategic trade policy have. Gilead broaden still possibilities and speed access our antiretroviral therapy to limited resources available around the world when HIV impact on the lives from so many people being researched, of Gilead President and CEO John Martin. lightens This initiative is between the Aspen and of Gilead more the load on the ARV global capacity and enables both companies, of the access to and affordability to major AIDS drugs on browse the world’s limited resources, country who happen also be those that extend on most strongly which HIV / AIDS pandemic, Aspen CEO Stephen Saad told ..

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