For most drugs, it is legal to to prescribe for off-label applications that are not authorization for the drug approval of the drug. These uses are sometimes unavoidable – for example, most approvals do not include pregnant women medication medication . However, it is illegal for drug manufacturers to promote the off-label applications, not necessarily not necessarily proven can can cause serious side effects. Adriane Fugh – Berman of Georgetown University Medical Center, and Douglas Melnick, a preventive medicine physician in North Hollywood, California emphasize that these off-label drug use, though ‘sometimes unavoidable ‘and sometimes ‘demonstrably beneficial ‘add, , ‘, ‘that this should be undertaken with caution and warn about the uncontrolled experiment to which a patient is exposed. Pharmaceutical companies have a potential benefit from the promotion of off-label use thanks to ‘larger revenues from larger user groups, especially for products with narrow indications. ‘.

However,promotion of off-label drug useSeveral techniques are commonly used by drug companies off-label use off-label use secretly for a piece for a piece on the In October 2008 published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine.

The HIV / AIDS Prevention Program of the armed forces Gambian earlier this week regarding an education program for military leaders as and Human take in an effort to education and guidance to promote disease that Daily Observer, / report. U.S. Ambassador to Gambian Barry course of the program during the program that harmful HIV / AIDS of Africa military men be added further that many of militias illness as an important public health problem not know. That the acceptance that the admission of HIV / AIDS to armed forces eat all over the world blades bordering unsafe, safety in risk and the men of our international at risk. It adding that military leader to the behavioral change needed by to reduce which spread of the disease.

In addition, said Wells in that a militia was among the members of among members in order to spread HIV / AIDS education for citizens. Lieutenant Colonel Yankuba Drammeh notes the effects of HIV / AIDS to Gambia, adding J. Affect the economic and national security of the country. Drammeh told that the army awareness in the land and at staff are obliged (Ngum-Saidy/Janneh, Daily Observer / AllAfrica.


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