Fitch also notes that HRMC by the socioeconomic profile of the service area, which is being challenged in general unfavorable unemployment, poverty and income from state and national averages. This is done in a government – payor – heavy revenue mix, worn with a high 72 % of gross revenues from Medicare / Medicaid , and 17.3 % of bad debts as a % of sales in the interim report the 2012th Report frame.cfm rpt-id – 681015.

Category. AREA CHARACTERISTICS: During HRMC position as the sole community hospital and is a market leader in credit rating, the service area is the overall socioeconomic profile generally unfavorable.. The downgrade to ‘BB’ reflected HRMC challenging environment than rural providers , who suffered from soft clinical volumes in both inpatients and outpatients. Volume declines are due in part to difficulty in recruiting, retaining and startup and physicians have been in an economically challenged service area under pressure. These challenges are not unusual for rural hospitals and more pronounced due to the relatively small revenue base are HRMC.Staffingmanpower shortage are persistently afflicted hospital during the last years. Of the fact the fact to appeal that the demand for specific healthcare care occupations and greater than on the needs of patients that they serve in the future, evidence based makes the following recommendations:.


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