The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization expects increasing prosperity to a doubling of global meat production run until 2050. The question is whether our planet with its limited land resources, even in a position to meet all of our needs in the future. Possible solutions for the brewing dilemma familiar are Dr. Peter Eisner of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, Germany. It takes lot of land meat meat -. The production of one kilogram of meat consumes between seven and 16 kilograms of grain or soybeans as animal feed, Eisner reports. As a result, in the U.S.

Because his sausages among the foods with the highest levels of fat are, this would certainly be a step in the right direction. On average, a German eats 31 kilograms sausage per year. The result: An overweight population and cardiovascular disease. From plantsthe fat could be replaced with proteins derived from plants, would benefit everyone: the consumer by eating less fat, get the farmers through higher and the environment because plants can be produced than sustainable meat.For grilling to grill:will be are a propane gas BBQ, your propane tank turned and hose for leaks, cracks or corrosion. – Forever lights up the match before turning the LPG.

– firework and sparklers should only be done by trained personnel. Sparklers can as hot as 1,200 degrees!

– Remind the children of when they find be used fireworks display or Wunderkerzen – Do not touch the!


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