Furthermore, this past year an Associated Press record revealed pharmaceutical contamination of the public water items of 24 main U.S. Cities ( The truth is, the water supplies of most cities are contaminated with pharmaceuticals virtually. They just haven’t done all the testing however. As I stated in that content: The mass medication of America has now converted into a grand medical experiment that exposes infants, kids, pregnant women, senior citizens, voters, police officers, everybody and doctors else to a combined mix of drugs known to have extremely dangerous, mind-altering side effects when taken in full doses. And yet this mass medication of the populace is being conducted with no doctor appointments, no prescriptions, no consent and no medical assessment whatsoever.That means a growing number of seniors are going to look to their children for support in making choices. Many will face your choice of remaining within their homes, known as ‘aging set up,’ or shifting to a pension or assisted living community. According to AARP, most seniors desire to stay in their homes as long as they can, but that comes with challenges, specifically safety. Surviving in an environment that decreases the chance of a fall is an important part of keeping a senior safe and independent.


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