A majority even obtain mocked by their brothers, relatives and friends for something that is beyond their control. Excessive hair growth, while mostly genetic, can be a by-product of hormonal disturbances and reaction to certain medication. Whatever the good reason may be, excessive locks anywhere on the body can embarrass you and cause you to feel much less lady-like. While waxing is the most common setting of removing hair, it can be excruciatingly painful. Also, so far as shavers and hair removal creams go, while the initial can leave you with ugly cuts and burn marks, the latter is accompanied by an awful smell and will cause severe pigmentation if applied to a regular basis. Considering the entire scenario, Laser treatment emerges as the simplest, most pain free answer to anyone’s hairy complications.This made the sufferers very excited and enthusiastic. ‘ The first procedures on patients will need place this winter. ‘By testing the method on a few patients, we can display that the technology works and then hopefully get even more grants to continue clinical studies and develop the technology further. This technology can become a reality for many people then. We want to leave the laboratory and become area of the patients' everyday life.


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