Children with low birth excess weight are in a higher risk of developing asthma later in life, says study A new study from the medical university Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm shows that kids born with low birth weight are in a higher threat of developing asthma later in life. The scholarly study, which is published in the journal Pediatrics, is based on data on the incidence of asthma in 10,918 twins from the Swedish Twin Registry. Questionnaire data on asthma in 9 – and 12 – 12 months old twins was linked to the national Swedish Medical Birth Registry which records, amongst other data, birth fat and gestational age group .

Previous studies have discovered that between 4 and 22 % of adult trauma patients with DVT improvement to pulmonary embolism. Due to this well-established risk, recommendations demand anti-coagulant therapy in every adult trauma sufferers with bone fractures. But to time, scant data on clotting risk among kids has rendered such decisions tricky, the researchers say. ‘Weighing the unfamiliar risk of bloodstream clots against the risk of over-treatment is like solving an equation with two unknowns, but we hope that our findings provides some clearness and context for pediatricians in such situations,’ says study lead investigator Michael Ain, M.D., a pediatric orthopedic cosmetic surgeon at Hopkins Children’s.


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