Family's Battle With Malignancy Draws Nurse Into Run for Her Brenda Durand, RN, followed in the footsteps of her mother, Bonnie, and became a nurse. But the two ladies had more in keeping than their professions. In 2004, Bonnie was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian malignancy. Two years afterwards, Brenda's sister learned she had breasts cancer, prompting the mom and her two daughters to endure genetic testing. The outcomes came back: All three ladies carried the BRCA 1 mutation, putting them at higher risk for breasts and ovarian malignancy.Of these, significantly less than 20 are Conservative. Around 100 of the women MPs are Labour or Liberal Democrat. This contrasts with an equal split among male politicians approximately. University of Warwick Professor Andrew Oswald stated: ‘These findings are actually intriguing. They could be telling us that, in the privacy of the ballot container even, we all have been moulded by primitive evolutionary forces that we are barely alert to. It’s been a longstanding idea in western culture that parents influence the behaviour and psychology of their offspring. This ongoing work reverses that habit of thinking. It shows that children form their parents.’ Daughters and Left-Wing Voting Further Results on Daughters and Left-Wing Voting: Germany 1985-2002 ..


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