Angry wife prosecuted under international chemical weapons ban for coating doorknob with common chemicals The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government exceeded its authority when it used an international chemical substance weapons treaty as the methods to prosecute a rejected wife who sought revenge on her husband’s lover . Carol Anne Bond, a microbiologist who was simply unable to have kids, was prosecuted under an international chemical substance weapons treaty after finding that her hubby was the daddy of a kid born to Myrlinda Haynes, then her best friend, The Washington Post and Courthouse Information reported.

Angle Recession Glaucoma Prognosis Close follow-up with eyes pressure checks and optic nerve evaluations are very important because, though the nerve could become damaged following the trauma soon, often the onset of glaucoma is probably not evident until months or sometimes years later. Because angle recession trauma is certainly accidental, it is wise to keep carefully the optical eyes protected when one has learned in advance that trauma is possible. Protective goggles for pursuits like racquetball and paintball fights should be used. And as mentioned above, once an angle recession trauma occurs, the glaucomatous damage could be avoided or minimized with appropriate ophthalmic care. Angle recession glaucoma could cause progressive permanent, irreversible vision reduction if not well controlled.


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