The study, by Dr Nick Sheron, a lecturer at the University of Southampton and consultant hepatologist at Southampton led General Hospital, found that abstinence from alcohol is the key factor in long-term prognosis, even with relatively severe alcohol-related cirrhosis on liver biopsy . The study, ‘Alcohol, cirrhosis and mortality ‘appears this month Addiction journal. His aim was to determine the effect of pathological severity of cirrhosis on survival in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. Patients.ver biopsies from 100 patients were Laennec score for for severity of liver cirrhosis between 1 January 1995 and 31 December 2000 reached, and medical notes were reviewed to determine various clinical factors including drinking status.

The data presented ISHLT includes all 50 patients the the study at 5 participating centers. The data show a survival rate of 90 percent at 6 months and a survival rate of about 86 percent at 12 months after implantation. On average, patients were supported by the HeartWare System for 300 days each. The cumulative duration of support within the group exceeded 41 years. Is expected to patients showed significant improvement in all points after the implantation and the rates of adverse events were relatively low despite the unusually long average duration of pump support in the group of patients. ‘At the ISHLT meeting 12 months ago, we reported a 90 percent survival rate in our first group of patients. Encouraging that pleased that this success rate has been maintained over a far larger group of patients and over a longer period. We expect this positive providing data ideas on how ideas on how we more widely available more widely available in our international markets and how we transplant to to accelerate enrollment in our U.S. Bridge to clinical trial. ‘.

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