The compound is associated with lower rates of most types of cancer due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally it is an excellent fix for arthritis and various other diseases due to inflammation. Quercetin is also considered to improve prostate wellness in men and for that reason may be a highly effective weapon against prostate cancers. It has additionally displayed normal antihistamine properties reducing allergic reactions and general allergies thereby. Studies are being carried out on the potential benefits quercetin may have to help preserve healthy cholesterol amounts while suppressing harmful cholesterol . Onions are rich in sulfur compoundsSulfur compounds give an array of health benefits not to be ignored.The only certain way to determine whether one has lung cancers is by having a pathologist examine samples of cells or cells extracted from the lung. After an intensive analysis, the physician would then be able to determine if a person had tumor, and if so, which kind of cancer was present. New Hope Medical Center offers alternative cancers treatment plans for both types of lung cancer tumor, small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Little cell lung tumor involves just 13 % of lung cancer cases and tends to spread quickly throughout the lung area.


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