Arcam receives order from DiSanto Technology for two Arcam Q10 systems Arcam , listed on NASDAQ OMX, offers received an order for two Arcam Q10 systems from the strategic partner DiSanto Technology Inc. In america. The systems will be utilized for making of orthopedic implants. In spring 2013 Disanto and Arcam Technology Inc. In connection with the cooperation DiSanto bought two EBM systems. With this fresh order DiSanto increases its EBM based creation.Anders Hedegaard, President & CEO of Bavarian Nordic stated: We are well on the path to achieve a substantial milestone in the advancement of IMVAMUNE, as we are going to get the initial regulatory authorization of the vaccine. That is indeed reputation that IMVAMUNE is more advanced than the existing accepted smallpox vaccines that are stockpiled in lots of countries. Our technique to develop and acquire regulatory authorization for IMVAMUNE as a vaccine for the overall population, including those people who are contraindicated to the original vaccines, and without leading to the same significant adverse events, is definitely finally going to succeed now.


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