And disability, a bitter compound tryWhether you taste a bitter compound as 6-n – propylthiouracil may help Professor Beverly Tepper identify your risk for obesity and / or cardiovascular disease .Tepper is a professor in the Food Science Department at Rutgers ‘ School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and she is an American Heart Association funded research. She recently received a Grant-in-Aid, which innovative innovative, meritorious research projects of independent investigators, for a study entitled Bitter Taste Phenotype, diet and obesity in women. – To better understand the long-term goal of this work, as a common genetic trait is the ability to taste PROP could be linked via excess energy intake to obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease in women, said Tepper, native Boston, her her master’s and Ph.D. Degrees from Tufts University, she worked at Rutgers since 1989.

For this three-year study, a topic first step to an issue divided the ability PROP them them a piece of paper embedded with the compound determine participants into three groups.

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