Project Objectives Consist of: Reduce losses of meals during handling, storage and processing. Improve the nourishment of rural households, children particularly. Raise home revenues through distribution and sale of groundnut-based food products for local markets. Improve productivity, and decrease the intense daily labor endured by women typically. Empower farm families in ways that enable them to reinforce their links to marketplaces and manage their farms as enterprises. Strengthen local presence by transferring technical and manufacturing expertise to African organizations.. CTI project to enhance kid nutrition in Tanzania and Malawi Malnutrition is widespread in Malawi and Tanzania, among children under five whose diet is deficient in proteins particularly, oils and micronutrients.A group of scientists, led by Professor Chen Hualan of the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, offers investigated the origins of this novel H7N9 influenza virus and published their results in Springer's open access journal Chinese Research Bulletin . Following evaluation of H7N9 influenza infections gathered from live poultry markets, it was discovered that these viruses circulating among birds were responsible for human infections. These results provide a basis for the government to take activities for controlling this public health threat. The novel H7N9 influenza virus was recognized in China as the agent, that triggers a flu-like disease in humans, resulting in some deaths.


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