About CivamideCivamide is a patented, type-C TRPV 1 receptor modulator that selectively depresses the activity of the type-C pain fibers. Civamide causes an initial release of the neuropeptides substance P and calcitonin gene related peptide . Pain and inflammation transmission transmission by the subsequent by the subsequent depletion of SP and CGRP from the neuron, with suppression of the synthesis and transport of neuropeptides along the neuron.

Bernier and his team discovered the repellents with what they say, the first successful application of a computer model using the molecular structures of more than 30,000 chemical tested tested as repellents in the last 60 years. With 11 known compounds, they synthesized 23 new. Gave reported on about 40 days, compared to 17.5 days DEET, d cloth was worn by a human volunteer. When applied to the skin, however, takes about five hours DEET.Learning and memory, Fragile X Syndrome Gene’s role in the design brain.

In the latest study, Dr. Huber and their colleagues nerve cells of mice that had constructed around the FMR1 gene is is missing and therefore not manufacture FMRP protein isolation. Them check whether a lack of FMRP functions of a functions of a protein other than MEF2 that is known to be involved in cutting nerve connections.

.. The results of also throw the question commented Dr. Proteins interact with physical. MEF2 operates in the core of a cell, where it controls whether other genes of will be switched off on or off. FMRP shuttles in and out the cell nucleus at its main body. This opens up new ideas how process in the nucleus, nearby his DNA may neural connections nerve connections far off far away the other end of cell, We think MEF2 making messenger RNAs[ The ribonucleic acid] which translates the genetic code of DNA and FMRP binding to the stranded RNA and either the Boat Transport to the nerve connections and / and other taxes such as RNA-protein do it.


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